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I don’t think it’s necessarily changed many people’s minds on whether or not to take acquaintance rape seriously — the people who are going to deny it are usually going to find a reason to do so until something happens to change their mind — but it has given those folks some hip new contemporary language to dismiss acquaintance rape.We’re a country found by patriarchal religious fanatics who were (among other things) obsessed with denying human sexuality, so it’s not at all surprising to me that we keep revisiting the issue of social control over women’s sexualities.Ultimately, they grapple with how to create an atmosphere for a healthy and empowering sexual experience for both women and men.

The percentage of guys who want to be rapists is infinitesimally small, and a lot of the ones who do end up committing assault are confused and hurt by it — and if they had different cultural training, they wouldn’t have done it.Toys in Babeland, the Tool Shed, the Smitten Kitten, Early to Bed — I could go on.